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1 Nisan: Believing

I believe in the Exodus.

I don't mean that I read it as history. I don't know that it ever "happened." But I believe that the Pesach story contains deep truths about liberation, and that when we retell it each year, we constitute our community.

When we understand ourselves as the people who were slaves to a Pharaoh in Egypt, the people who God brought out of constriction with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, we remember that we have been in tight places and that if we have faith in something bigger than ourselves, we can find our way to freedom.

I believe that there is power in stories, and that this is one of the most powerful stories we know.

I believe that we are loved by an unending love. That when we find ourselves in places of constriction and our hearts cry out, God cries out with us.

I believe that surely as the moon is waxing, Pesach is coming, and that our celebration of Pesach can bring us blessing if we come to it with whole hearts.

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