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Jewish groups and Darfur

This article's a few weeks old, so it hardly qualifies as news, but I wanted to blog it anyway: Jewish Groups Step Up Efforts To Help Sudanese.

The president and executive director of the American Jewish World Service, Ruth Messinger, briefed a group of Jewish activists last week on the efforts to aid Sudanese refugees. In a subsequent statement sent to the Forward, Messinger said: "As Jews who know firsthand the consequences of silence from the international community, we have an increased moral obligation to respond to crimes against humanity, regardless of the ethnicity or religion of the people being victimized. I believe that as the American people, and particularly the Jewish community, hear about the gruesome killings and inhumane detainments in Darfur, they will, they must respond." (Read the whole thing.)

What she said. The situation in Sudan is overwhelming and appalling, and that's precisely why we can't close our eyes and pretend it's not there. Remembering the Shoah only has meaning if we act against other acts of genocide. Ping your elected officials and urge them to admit that this is genocide so that the international community will be shamed into action.

(Found via Mystical Politics, where Rebecca's posting some excellent stuff on this subject.)