What (Not) to Wear
Three good reads

For World Blog Haiku Day

Atop Mount Nebo
Moses sees the Promised Land
But cannot enter

Since he struck the rock
In the wilderness of Zin
Against God's orders.

(Maybe the people
Needed to lose the leaders
Who had brought them out

Before they'd be ready
To genuinely enter
Their new lives with God.)

Moses is worried
That the people will lose heart
Without a shepherd.

Moses says to God,
"Source of all ruach/spirit,
Choose our new leader."

And God answers, "An
Inspired man: Joshua,
ish asher ruach."

(I love Hebrew puns
Like "spirit" and "inspired"
In this week's parsha.)

What went through his mind
When Joshua heard the news
That he had been tapped?

God rewards Pinchas
For zealotry, but chooses
Someone else to lead.

What does this tell us?
What qualities might we seek
In our leadership?

World Blog Haiku Day
Spurred me to try rendering
Parashat Pinchas

In this nutshell form.
Harder than I expected!
Next post, back to prose.