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Ways of reading scripture

Real Live Preacher has made an excellent new post about the Bible:

The bible is not a book for those who need a weapon. It is not a book for those who know where they are going and what questions they will ask. It is not a book for those who are in a hurry and looking for the shortest route.

The bible is a book for pilgrims and wanderers. It is a book for children and for those who wish to become children again. It is a book for seekers and searchers and dreamers...

He's speaking specifically to Christians, but I think the message rings clear for anyone who engages with scripture of any stripe. Not a fan of literalists or fundamentalists, that RLP. I hadn't realized I had stereotypes about Baptist preachers until I started reading him and the stereotypes shattered. And he's in my old hometown! I'm half-tempted to look him up when I'm in San Antonio later this week...

Anyway, read the whole post here.