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Blogging for Peace

Welcome to new readers who found their way here via Real Live Preacher! Kick back, take off your shoes, have a cup of tea, stay a while.

And my sincere thanks to everyone who's been participating in the conversation on my most recent post; this is my idea of a good time, and I'm especially delighted that the tone of our conversation is so genial despite our differences.

I have a few posts-in-progress on my hard drive, and hope to polish one of them up for public consumption soon, but I've been a little overwhelmed by the confluence of a couple of freelance deadlines and the onset of fundraising season at the nonprofit I run, so for now, a link to something cool:

Blogging for MidEast Peace. A new phenomenon called BloggerCorps is hoping to link up volunteer bloggers with nonprofits who want help getting blogs going, and their first project is with OneVoice. They're looking for volunteer bloggers in New York, Tel Aviv, and Ramallah; learn more and opt in here.