500 words of memory


My poem "Sufganiyot" appears in the December 2004 online edition of Zeek magazine!

Sufganiyot is Hebrew for jelly donuts; they're a traditional Chanukah food in Israel. (Latkes, unsurprisingly, are an Ashkenazic tradition; they come from Eastern Europe where potatoes are plentiful and cheap.) Some claim that sufganiyot date back to the fifteenth century, and that they were the ancestors of beignets.

I'm a big fan of Zeek. Their articles are always cogent and thought-provoking, and they've published some excellent poetry. I'm thrilled that one of mine is now in that number.

In other poetry news, my poem "Remedy" appears in the latest issue (Volume 30, Number 3) of California Quarterly. It's not a Judaic poem, so it may not be of great interest to VR readers, but it's pleasing to me anyway.