Elohai Neshama

The FP Interview...of me!

The friendly folks at Faithful Progressive run a regular interview series, and they honored me with inclusion in it. The FP Interview: Rachel Barenblat from Velveteen Rabbi just went live!

These weren't one-size-fits-all questions; it was clear to me that FP had spent some time reading my blog, because each of the questions was tailored to me in particular: who I am, what I write about, and what I believe. It was incredibly fun to work on, actually.

FP asked who I am and how I got started blogging, how I define Jewish Renewal, how I make space for spiritual growth in my busy life, how I respond to the extreme Christian right, what I read, what I recommend, and what do I think we can do to effect change -- among other questions. I'm not sure I would ever have blogged about these precise issues in quite this way, and having done my time in journalism, it was a particular pleasure to be on the other side of the interview experience.

Anyway. The interview is online here. Enjoy!