Mas'ei: borders and land
Mourning and redemption

Condemning terror

I join elfsdh at Apikorsus 2.0, Danya at Jerusalem Syndrome, Jonathan at Head Heeb, and Rebecca at Mystical Politics (among many others) in mourning for Michel Bahus, Nader Hayak,and sisters Dina and Hazar Turki -- the Israeli Arabs killed in an act of terrorism by a religious wacko IDF deserter on a bus in Shfaram.

What that man did was terrorism and it was murder. And although the gunman claims to share my religion and to cherish the same holy teachings that I hold dear, what he did is a complete perversion of Jewish ethics and Jewish teachings. I will not allow him, nor others like him, to claim that his appalling act is consonant with Jewish tradition. I applaud the Orthodox Union for condemning his act in such strong language, and hope that the other denominations will follow suit.

I pray that the violence not escalate, and that we not allow his deed to further poison our hearts against one another. May the One who makes peace in the high heavens spread a shelter of peace over us, over all of the children of Isaac and Ishmael, and over all creation.

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