Beyond genocide

Israeli blogs on Global Voices

I just posted a roundup of the English-language Israeli blogosphere over at Global Voices. The roundup offers a snapshot of some of the interesting conversations happening in that part of the blog world this week.

Writing it took a while, because there are only a few Israeli blogs in my regular reading list, and those I usually read tend to showcase politics which match mine. Looking for a diversity of Israeli voices -- some pro-disengagement, some anti-, some talking about other issues altogether -- was a fascinating way to spend my morning. My aim was to represent a range of political opinions, and to offer a glimpse into Israeli life, without linking to anyone whose views are stated in a hurtful or hateful way. Let me know if you think I succeeded.

Anyway, feel free to check out my roundup, and while you're there, enjoy the wealth that Global Voices has to offer. I learn amazing things about different parts of the world every day through reading GV.

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