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What Blog Has Joined Together...

My friend Jane was kind enough to alert me to an article on the Toronto Star website today: What Blog Has Joined Together.... Naturally, it's about Wendy and Joey, and the piece features a beautiful photo of the two of them, the story of how they got engaged, and a nice quote from my blog post about the wedding.

It's a really nice article, and boy, do I wish I'd thought of that headline! I do want to note that I'm not yet entitled to the honorific "rabbi," which the writer of the Star article gave me, since I'm not yet ordained. It's not the first time I've been granted the title; when I officiated at my first funeral this summer, one of the local papers that published the obituary conferred smicha on me, too. (This kind of inadvertant professional elevation seems to happen a lot in our household; in a recent article about Global Voices, the BBC referred to Ethan as "Doctor Zuckerman," which we thought was pretty entertaining.)

Of course, I couldn't be happier this fall about finally officially beginning the journey I hope will culminate in ordination; with luck, someday the article will be right! And I'm thrilled to see Wendy and Joey's beautiful wedding in the paper, and I do appreciate the good press for Velveteen Rabbi.

Anyway, to any new readers who found me through the Star, welcome! Blogging is a little bit light at the moment because the Days of Awe are a busy season, but I hope you'll stick around.

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