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Finding home

Over at qarrtsiluni, they're posting a series of pieces on the theme "finding home" -- maybe particularly resonant as many of us navigate the waters of family and sense-of-place at year's end.

I'm never quite sure how to describe quarrtsiluni. Is it a literary magazine? (Kind of; the rotating editorial staff works wisely and humbly with contributors.) A group blog? (Kind of; many of the bloggers who contribute have come to know one another over time.) Maybe it's best to stick with their own explanation: "an experiment in online literary and artistic collaboration." The title, you may remember, comes from an Alaskan Inuit word for "sitting together in the darkness, waiting for something to burst." Isn't that what we're all doing (at least in the northern hemisphere) at this time of year?

Anyway, they've done me the honor of printing one of my poems there: Home Body, from my as-yet unpublished collection Manna. Enjoy -- and if you've got work that suits the "finding home" theme, by all means send it in. I'd love to see your voices published there, too.

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