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Muslim blogging awards

Nominations are now open in the Brass Crescent Awards, created by and City of Brass.

Many religious blogospheres have their own blogging awards (in the J-blogosphere, the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards come to mind.) But though the Brass Crescent awards are meant to honor and celebrate the Muslim blogging community, there's a category for "Best Non-Muslim Blog" ("Which blog writen by a non-muslim is most respectful of Islam and seeks genuine dialog with muslims?") -- and the award creators point out that for the most part "any blog is eligible for any category, including blogs authored by non-muslims. In defining the Islamsphere, we are not relying solely on adherence to the faith, but an affinity for parts of the diverse cultural fabric that Islam embraces and is embraced by worldwide."

Regardless of whether you have favorite blogs to nominate, keep an eye on the nominations post. It's a great way to get a sense for some of the insightful thinking and terrific conversations happening in the Muslim blogosphere.

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