10th of the lunar month
Common prayers, common ground

Falafel, and new friends.

The principle that when one's a blogger, one need never have coffee alone again has been reconfirmed! Over the course of this conference, I've had the pleasure of meeting several readers of this blog, among them a bunch of students in my program (and one faculty member -- turns out Reb Goldie reads me! I feel so cool.) I've also gotten to meet with a few folks from outside the program, who graciously came to the Boulderado to connect in person.

On Sunday, I got to have lunch with Joey (of Mas'a Haruach) and her girlfriend Miryam. They took me to Falafel King in the Pearl Street pedestrian mall, which turns out to offer truly splendiferous falafel and shawarma, and we talked about our respective journeys. They knew more about me than I did about them, so we corrected the information imbalance; I learned that Joey is in the process of converting to Judaism, and that Miryam is a lay leader at her shul. We talked about religious paths, the internet, our  families, and the entertaining implications of wearing a kippah to a tattoo parlor on Shabbat. It was great fun.

I didn't have the presence of mind to ask someone to snap our photo, alas, though there's a lovely photo of Joey and Miryam here. Thanks for the falafel, y'all! Let's do it again next year.