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I'm really thrilled with the conversation generated by my recent post Being visible. In the comments on that post, and in other posts which have been sparked by mine, people from across the religious spectrum are talking about issues of religious visibility -- whether that visibility arises through a clerical collar, monastic garb, hijab, 'Plain' dress, or being kavod kippah. Thanks, all, for your input -- it's a pleasure to hear your perspectives on this, and to recognize again that we deal with similar issues even when our observances differ.

In lieu of substantive content tonight, I present you with a meme I picked up from Hugo Schwyzer: Ten Views I Hold Without Evidence.


1) That the world is a fundamentally good place, imbued with the presence of God;

2) That I can do anything if I put my mind to it;

3) That my cat really is the prettiest in the world;

4) That the Green Bay Packers will be a good football team again;

5) That my grandparents, of blessed memory, check in on me sometimes and smile;

6) That someday we'll see a sequel to Serenity even though it didn't earn much in theatres;

7) That someday I'll get a book-length collection of poems published;

8) That Orthodox women will be ordained rabbis within my lifetime;

9) That I will visit all seven continents;

10) That things are getting better, humanity is becoming more enlightened, and someday we will finish the work of creating a perfect world.



If you do, or have done, this meme, drop me a link in the comments. I'd enjoy seeing your list.

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