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Thinking ahead

It's way too early to be thinking about Passover.

Seriously. I'm feeling vaguely blindsided by the fact that Tu BiShvat is less than a month away, with its mystical seder and wintry environmentalist observances. After that comes Purim, rowdy Purimspiel and suggestive poppyseed cookies and all. Pesach might as well be years from now.

Except -- guess what? -- I'm thinking about Passover. It's my favorite holiday. And this year I'm planning to release a new version of my haggadah. I didn't put out a new one last year, for a variety of reasons, but this year I've got all kinds of awesome new stuff to add, and I'm jazzed about it already.

Which is why I'm turning to you, dear readers. I learned a few really great melodies at Elat Chayyim last Pesach and I want to include them in the haggadah. I'm on a Mac, and my budget for software is zero. What I need is freeware which will let me create simple sheet music, and save each piece as a graphic which I can import into Word. Do you have suggestions?