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Deep thanks to my Muslim readers...

To my great pleasure, Velveteen Rabbi is a finalist in the Brass Crescent Awards (cosponsored by City of Brass and altmuslim.com), in the category of Best Non-Muslim Blog ("Which blog writen by a non-muslim is most respectful of Islam and seeks genuine dialog with muslims?")

I've made two significant posts about Islam over the last several months. One is Reading the Qur'an 1 (meant to be the first in a series, though I have yet to draft the others; it reflects my thoughts after reading the Qur'an for the first time), and the other is Sufism: Beyond the Veil, an exploration of William Chittick's book Sufism (and of the common ground I find between Sufism and some aspects of Judaism). Both were a pleasure to write, and both have sparked fascinating conversation across religious and cultural boundaries.

The more I learn, the more fascinated I become with the points of resonance between Islam and Judaism. I'm honored to have been nominated, and am enjoying the chance to browse the other nominated blogs. See the nominees in every category (and, if you wish, vote) here.  Thank you, Brass Crescent folks!

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