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Hiding and Seeking

Ecumenical justice work

Some weeks ago the editors of Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, a progressive and social-justice-oriented Catholic blog, asked me to participate in their guest-blogging program. (The first guest-blogger was Jo Guildi from CrossLeft, who wrote The Hungry Multitude in the Age of Mass Culture; my post is the second in their monthly guest-blogging series.) They asked me to write about how Christians and Jews have worked together to advance the cause of social justice, and how we can more effectively work together in future.

My response to their query is now online: The Ecumenical Call to Social Justice Work. In it I honor the historic collaboration of Dr. Martin Luther King and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, explore who's carrying on their legacy in today's world, and offer some thoughts on where we need to go from here. Here's a tiny taste:

Those of us who care about social justice care about it deeply, but there aren't nearly enough of us to achieve the work that needs to be done. I'd like to see more people involved in this important work -- not just those of us on the liberal fringes of our traditions, but everyone who identifies themselves as a Christian or a Jew. How can we bring this dream to fruition? I think one answer lies in our scriptures...

My thanks to the SRS editors for including me! You can read my guest post here.

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