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Good news; it looks increasingly likely that I will be able to attend the Progressive Faith Blog Con (which I blogged about last week). I'm really looking forward to seeing this idea turn into reality. So expect a handful of PFBC posts from me; now that we have a date and a venue (and I think I can make it), my excitement about the con has ratcheted up a few notches!

We'd like to make the conference free to participants (aside from the costs of room and board). With an eye to that goal, we're trying to raise $630 (the cost of the conference space and the free wifi we'll be making available to bloggers there over the weekend); if we can raise that money, the con can be free to all comers, which I think exemplifies the all-are-welcome, no-bar-to-entry ethos of the blogosphere.

If you'd like to donate toward that worthy cause, ping Thurman and let him know. We haven't jumped through the hoops of setting up a tax-exempt corporation for the con yet; if it's the success we're hoping for, and becomes an annual event (moving around the country; since Thurman and I are both expatriate Texans we're already contemplating holding the second one there in '07), we'll probably incorporate. For now, donations go to Thurman, who's handling the con's finances.

On a related note, there's a roving blog carnival attached to the Progressive Faith Blog Con, called (predictably) the Progressive Faith Blog Con Carnival. (Here's the current edition of the carnival; a list of previous installments is available here.)

I'm this week's host, so I'm collecting links to include in the next edition of the carnival (which usually goes live on Sundays, though my edition will go live on Friday before Shabbat begins). If you have a post you'd like to see included, email me by Thursday (with "carnival post" in the subject header.) Please include the post's title, URL, and a line or two of description; thank you!

Progressive Faith Blog-Con 2006 Carnival

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