A match made in heaven?

New poem

Tom Montag's blog The Middlewesterner is remarkable. He posts a poem each day, alongside vignettes from midwestern life that impress me with their realness and their acuity. He also posts poems every Saturday by poets other than himself, and I'm honored to now be counted among the folks whose work has made his Saturday Poem series.

This weekend Tom printed my poem "Into the Earth". It's part of my as-yet-unpublished book-length collection Manna; this is its first publication anywhere, a little world premiere! Feel free to click over and read it, and if you enjoy, drop a comment there or here. He's looking for "poems of place," so if you write those, let him know.

You can find my poems in a few other terrific blogs with regular poetry-posting schedules: heresluck reprinted "Sometimes Still Warm" in her Monday Poems series, and Hugo Schwyzer reprinted "Mother Psalm" as a Thursday Short Poem. (Both of those come from What Stays, my second chapbook, which you can purchase by dropping me an email. You're also more than welcome to pick up a copy of chaplainbook...nothing makes this poet happier than being read.)


Edited to add: Hugo has reprinted "Into the Earth" as a Thursday Short Poem, so it's appearing in two different (wonderful) places this week. Thanks, Hugo!

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