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The Progressive Faith Blog Con has a new website! Thanks to the css stylings of my friend Kate, the Prog Faith Blog Con has a whole new look.

We have a new FAQ page, which tackles questions like "where is the con again?" (Montclair, NJ) and "where should we stay?" (we have an official con hotel) and "how about bloggers who are shomer Shabbat and can't drive on Saturdays?" (we've arranged for some rooms on-campus for those who need them, and are also looking into homestays with local community members).

We also have a shiny new registration page where you can, as you might expect, register for the con! Two things are noteworthy there. The first is that you can choose which aspects of PFBC programming you want to help out with; we're actively seeking volunteers to help us shape the con, so if you're interested, let us know. The second is that we're asking a $25 advance registration fee (which will go up to $45 the weekend of the con -- incentive to register early.) That fee will cover conference meals (all but Saturday dinner) and registration packet and things like that.

We're maintaining a list of bloggers we know are coming -- so far it's a small list but a really cool one, including people like Reverend Chuck Currie, Mik Moore from JSpot, Pastor Dan from Street Prophets, and Rabbi Arthur Waskow from The Shalom Center.

The con website describes what we think the weekend will entail:

During the first annual Progressive Faith Blog Con we'll talk about the intersection of religion and politics; the roots and branches of our faith traditions; ecumenical and interfaith blogging engagement; and the challenges and blesssings of pluralism. We'll have breakout sessions around faith-tradition, and around meditation, liturgy, and scripture. We'll talk about justice and poverty, about progressive faith activism, and about the religious right...

The conference will be led by and for the community of progressive faith bloggers, and everyone who attends will have the chance to help shape it. Join us!

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