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PFBC Roundup

At the end of the URJ Biennial, I posted a wrapup of the conference, with links to the seventeen posts I had made while liveblogging the event. I'm doing the same now for the Progressive Faith Blog Con; I'll put a link to this post in the sidebar of my blog, to make it easy for folks to find all of my blog con posts at once. And here they are:


If you're looking for other people's reflections on the experience, we've been aggregating them over at the conference blog. Here are a few posts I know I will cherish: Islamoyankee's Beginnings, Lorianne's Plugging in and The view, part two; Andrew's On Prayer; Alto Artist's Hope, part 1; and Mata H.'s weekend wrapup post and its powerful continuation.

The blog con was amazing. I met some fantastic people, and got to put faces with names and URLs. The panels, the conversations, the interactions, the learning, the teaching: all were great -- as was the worship, and the community we created by making ourselves vulnerable enough to pray together despite our differences. Holy wow. In the words of one of my favorite Shabbat morning songs, Ma nora ha-makom hazeh -- "How truly awesome is this Place!"

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