[PFBC] Christian worship, and final remarks
PFBC Roundup

Home again; off again!

Hi all! I'm home safely from the Progressive Faith Blog Con, still reeling at how well it went, how much fun it was, and how glad I am that we made it happen. It was amazing meeting all of y'all, and learning together and talking together and praying together...!

I'm off in the morning to The Davvenen' Leadership Training Institute, a liturgical leadership training program run by my seminary. It sounds amazing; it also sounds intense, overwhelming, and immersive. And I won't be online at all while I'm there.

So I'll be unreachable for a week. If you leave a comment here, or if you email me, I won't know it. Please don't be surprised when I don't respond! I'll do my best to get back to you once I'm home again and once I've finessed the inevitable email triage that follows a week away.

See you on the flipside...