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The night before blog con...

J-blogosphere questions

One of the sessions I'm leading this weekend at the blog con (schedule here) is the breakout session on the J-blogosphere. I'm assuming it won't be difficult to get people talking, but figured it would be wise to come up with some questions in advance.

Here's what I've got: a handful of discussion-starters that I hope will spark interesting conversations. What would you add to this list? What interests you about the J-blogosphere? (And if you won't be there on Saturday, do tell: how would you answer these questions?)


Discussion Questions for the J-Blogosphere Breakout:

How would you describe or define the J-blogosphere?

What are the essential or quintessential Judaism blogs?

Who do you read, whose work do you love? (And which blogs do you avoid?)

What defines a J-blog? (This is like "what defines Jewish literature...")

If you wanted to introduce a Jew who is not a blogger to the J-blogosphere, what would you show them?

If you wanted to introduce a blogger who's not Jewish, ditto? (Subtext: would you show a different face of the J-blogosphere to a "member of the tribe" than to an outsider?)

Do you read/comment on J-blogs that espouse opinions very unlike yours? (Why or why not?)

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