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Last month I made a post called Planning for pluralism, exploring some of the unique challenges inherent in trying to plan an erev Shabbat service that would be welcoming to, and navigable by, a mixed-faith community -- without losing what makes Shabbat real and meaningful to the Jews in the room.

Whether or not that attempt was successful is perhaps not for me to judge, but I did my best, and I hope the experience was worshipful, educational, and meaningful! All those present at the Prog Faith Blog Con this evening received a copy of a siddur (prayerbook) created specifically for this service; if you'd like to have a copy on your hard drive, or if you weren't there and would like to see what we used in our davvening, here 'tis:

A Siddur for erev Shabbat at the Prog Faith Blog Con [pdf]

I drew on several resources in creating this, including my own shul's Bekol Rinah, the traditional Hebrew text of the classic Shabbat evening service, the forthcoming Mishkan Tefilah, the Pnai Or Siddur for Erev Shabbat, and Marge Piercy's The Art of Blessing the Day. I included a rendering of the kaddish by Reb Daniel Brenner (found here), and an adaptation of the second paragraph of the Shema by Reb Arthur Waskow (found here). (I promised one of the bloggers I met tonight that I would post the poems which are included in the siddur; I'll do that soon, but not tonight.)

It was a pleasure to create; I hope it was a pleasure to use. I welcome feedback of all stripes, so if you have a response to either the prayerbook or the service, please let me know!

Edited to add: the URL for the .pdf file has been fixed, so you should be able to download the siddur now!

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