PFBC Roundup
Week 1 at DLTI

This week's portion: vows and obligations

Greetings from Elat Chayyim!

No, I'm not online -- I'm on retreat and in-class this week, and don't have 'net access -- but I didn't want to miss a week of posting to Radical Torah, so I queued up this post last week before I left and told TypePad to post it today.

This week's Torah commentary over at RT adapts the post I made here last year about parashat Matot -- my apologies for the duplication. (Between the Blog Con and DLTI, there just wasn't time to come up with new insights on the portion.)

Edited to add: well, I meant for my new d'var to be published while I was on retreat last week, and if that had happened this post would have been useful. As it was, my clever plan didn't quite work. But the post is there now: Vows and obligations. Enjoy!

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