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This week's portion: where teshuvah can be found

This week's Torah portion, Nitzavim-vayeilech, contains some powerful and resonant lines about where and how we can find teshuvah. And that book I've been reading (hey, alto artist's reading it too!) offers smart commentary on these verses. Out of the combination of those texts arose this week's post at Radical Torah:

The Torah anticipates our lame and shamefaced protestations -- our screwed-up certainty that making teshuvah is difficult, that God probably doesn't want nebbishes like us anyway, that teshuvah requires something we can't access or don't know. Teshuvah isn't baffling or out-of-reach; it isn't in the heavens, and it isn't across the sea. Teshuvah can be found in the words we speak, and in the innermost chambers of our hearts.

Read the whole thing here: In your mouth and in your heart.

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