A beauty of an encounter
Abayudaya...in Northampton, MA


I doubt that anyone reading this now remembers, but this blog originated on Blogger, at the very tail-end of September, 2003. I can't remember now why I chose Blogger as a host when I first began blogging; I suppose because it was free. Of course, Blogger failed to offer several features I really wanted, among them syndication and the ability for folks to leave comments. So on October 20th of 2003 I reposted my first three entries here all in one fell swoop, and from that moment on VR was a Typepad production.

This means I've kind of lost access to when my blogiversary ought to have been. I drafted my first post on September 29th of 2003, so that's my anniversary by one metric; then again, VR didn't exist in a sustained or sustainable way until I moved it over here... Anyway, today marks the third anniversary of this blog being where it is. So happy blogiversary to me!

The last three years of blogging have been rewarding, surprising, exasperating, and stimulating. My life is immeasurably enriched by the thinking I've done, the conversations we've had, and the friendships that have arisen here. When I started this blog, I hoped it would keep me writing and thinking about Judaism in a sustained way, maybe even in conversation with a few other folks. I simply couldn't have imagined what an impact blogging would have on my life.

Thanks for being a part of Velveteen Rabbi. Here's looking forward to year four!