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Bound for Budapest and Prague


I've written before about Zeek, "a Jewish journal of thought and culture," which I first discovered in the Elat Chayyim bookstore some years ago. The magazine exists both as an online publication and in (shiny and well-designed) print form, and showcases thoughtful, smart, often boundary-pushing prose and poetry. I'm honored that my own work has appeared in their pages from time to time. This is exactly the kind of literary, creative, and spiritual endeavor that excites me most.

It's especially exciting to me right now, because I've just joined the editorial board. I'm now a contributing editor, focusing on religion and spirituality, and will be lending my hand to both the print and online editions. There's a lot happening there at the moment, including several new editorial folks and a redesign; learn more at Welcome to the new Zeek, a letter from the editors.

I'm deeply thrilled to be a part of this enterprise. I'll be taking my copy of the beautiful new fall/winter print edition with me to Prague tomorrow night, and hope to read it on the plane. (I'll also be carrying the magazine with me in another sense; I'll have my laptop with me, so I can edit a short piece for an upcoming edition.) Nu -- go, enjoy the web edition, and consider subscribing to the print one. Single issues cost $7, and a two-year/four-edition subscription is $25; not a lot to pay for thought-provoking, high-quality work. Regardless, please join me in celebrating this fabulously cool publication, of which I am now a part!

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