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The editors at Qarrtsiluni have just published a piece of my writing, as part of the current theme, First Time. The piece in question is a short essay (about 1000 words) about my first time in Prague, seen through the lens of my second visit there this fall. It's called Souvenir; I hope you'll go and read it.

The timing of the publication was entirely incidental, but has some unwitting resonance. Tomorrow will be the yarzheit of my beloved grandfather Eppie, who is very much a part of this short essay. This morning I led services at my shul, wearing his old silken tallit. I did so last year, too. I had a hard time staving off tears when I led us in the mourner's kaddish. I had just told the congregation a few words about him, and wearing his tallit made him seem at once nearer to me and impossibly further away.

Anyway, my grandparents are much on my mind today, so the publication of this little essay seems fitting.

Many thanks to Tom and Kasturi, the current guest editors at Qarrtsiluni, for accepting the piece and for working with me so gently and wisely to revise it. I'm really glad it's there.

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