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This week's portion: the treasure of teshuvah

In this week's portion, Mikets, Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams and is promoted to vizier. When the famine that the dreams prophesied comes to pass, Joseph's brothers descend into Egypt in search of food, and they have a series of fascinating interactions with their brother. Joseph recognizes them immediately, but perhaps not surprisingly, they have no idea they're dealing with him.

The brothers are halfway home again, after their first trip to Egypt, when they discover that their moneybags have been replaced in their sacks, along with the grain they purchased. They respond with fear and anxiety. That struck me, and served as the jumping-off point for this week's d'var over at Radical Torah:

Many of us may recognize something of ourselves in Joseph's brothers. We have made mistakes -- perhaps none so weighty as selling a bratty sibling into slavery, but mistakes all the same -- and we are always in danger of forgetting the spiritual leap of teshuvah that leads to forgiveness. When we feel distant from forgiveness, every setback feels like a conspiracy against us, and the easiest response is fear and blame.

But we may also recognize something of ourselves in Joseph, too.

Read the whole thing here: The treasure of teshuvah.

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