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ProgFaithBlogCon 2?

One of the highlights of my 2006 was the Progressive Faith Blog Con, a gathering of about 35 bloggers of progressive faith in Montclair, NJ last summer. It was an amazing experience -- not only the chance to put faces with names in my blogroll, but also the chance to learn, talk, and pray with a group of really remarkable people from across the religious spectrum. (Here's my roundup post, which links to each of the posts I made while liveblogging the con.)

At this time last year, we had just decided on a space, and were beginning to brainstorm about panels and plans. This year, there's a real open question: was the Prog Faith Blog Con a one-shot thing, or is there enough interest to make it happen again? That's the question Thurman asks in this post over at Street Prophets, and he's asking readers to weigh in.

I would love to see the blog con happen again -- this time in a different part of the country, to make it easier for a different subset of the progressive religious blogosphere to attend. Trouble is, neither Thurman nor I is in a position to make that happen; he's got twin baby boys (how awesome is that?), and between my rabbinic studies and my health issues my plate is pretty full. So for me, a related question is: if we want to see the blog con continue, who out there wants to join the planning committee to make it happen?

Anyway, we welcome input. Please pop over to Thurman's post and let your thoughts be known. (Or feel free to comment here, if you want -- either way is fine.)

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