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So many thanks.

Since my brief hospitalization last month, cards, e-mails, and good wishes have poured in. I've tried to thank everyone individually, but want also to say a generalized thank you here to everyone who has put me in their prayers, sent a message, lent me books or dvds, cooked a meal (the rebbetzin's matzah ball soup was awesome), and simply spared a thought my way.

But one person I'd like to thank is unknown to me. If you are the kind person who arranged for a copy of Norman Fischer's Opening to You: Zen-inspired translations of the psalms to be sent to me and are comfortable identifying yourself, please let me know who you are so that I can thank you! (And if you're not comfortable identifying yourself...well, I hope that whoever you are, you read this blog at least occasionally, and may see this post of gratitude.)

We're going to Boston later this week to meet with a stroke specialist and his team, and have high hopes that there will be a diagnosis sometime soon. Meanwhile, I continue to be buoyed by your good wishes; thank you all for walking this strange road beside me.

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