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This week's portion: Ready or not

This week, in parashat Bo, we read about the tenth plague brought upon the Egyptians, and about the beginning of the Israelites' journey.

There's a fascinating pause in the narrative, during which the text exhorts us to eat the paschal lamb in remembrance with our hips girded, our sandals on our feet, and our walking-sticks in our hands. That verse sparked this week's d'var at Radical Torah.

Here's a taste:

As I contemplate the silverware, the shopping (and chopping,) the endless piles of eggs to be boiled and peeled, it strikes me that this feels in some ways like the very opposite of what the Torah describes. Making seder is one of the most rooted activities I can think of! On the eve of an actual journey, I wouldn't dream of throwing a ritual event-cum-dinner-party. If I were actually going somewhere tomorrow -- especially on a one-way quest for a place I can only trust God to lead me to -- you can bet I'd be eating takeout.

Of course, I have thoughts about how one can be perfectly still in the physical world, and yet be taking a pivotal journey in other ways and on other levels. Read more here: Ready or not.

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