DLTI: 4 worlds, week 2, post 1
This week's portion: a place for God

Heads up: SXSW coming soon

Sunny south Texas is calling my name! 2007 has been so action-packed, so far, that it's easy for me to forget that I'll be travelling again soon -- but the first weekend in March I'm going to San Antonio to see my family (just in time for Purim), and the weekend after that I'm going to Austin for South by Southwest Interactive, a festival, conference, and general gathering of interesting folks.

You can check out the slate of panels here. I'm participating in the panel called Ghost in the Machine: Spirituality Online on the afternoon of Saturday, March 10, at 5pm.

I'll blog more about that panel, and about what I hope we can discuss (and maybe also some interesting stuff that might not make it to the stage -- time is limited, after all), sometime soon. But for now I'm mostly posting to ask: who among you will be at SXSW this year? I've never been before, and since meeting fellow bloggers is one of my favorite pastimes, I'd love to know with whom I might be able to meet up.


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