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Poems of place

The current theme at Qarrtsiluni is Come Outside. Here's how guest editor Fiona Robyn of A Small Stone (one of my favorite poetry blogs, serving up tiny bite-sized truffles of poetry) describes the theme:

Come outside. Put on your coat, leave your comfortable home. Outside there is weather, the generous sun, the lonely stars. Outside there are gardens, with slugs and poppies and last night's half-empty wine glasses. Outside there are tangled forests, wide rivers, fields of corn. Outside there is a boy kicking a can across the street, and an old lady talking to herself at the bus stop...

Some of my favorite posts from this theme include this gorgeous photograph by Miles Storey, the poem Night comes in by Dick Jones, and the poem Snapshots by Karl Elder. If you've got some time, head over there and read what's accrued so far.

And while you're at it, check out the poem of mine which appears in this issue, too: Last week of the farm. (Yes, the eponymous farm is the same one I so often blog about -- clearly an important place to me both physically and spiritually.)

Thanks, Fiona, for accepting the poem. And thanks as ever to managing editors Dave Bonta and Beth Adams for the work you do to keep Qarrtsiluni vibrant and fresh.

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