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Teshuvah at moon-dark

Snow like wool

"How great is Your work, O God / How very deep are Your thoughts!" (-- Psalm 92:6)

"God gives snow like wool / and scatters hoar-frost like ashes." ( -- Psalm 147:16)

We went cross-country skiing today at the very start of the Money Brook trail. It was stunningly beautiful -- bicolored leafless trees stark against fresh snow, and everywhere blackberry and grape brambles beginning to redden and preparing to bud when spring arrives. The tops of the mountains are frosted, and Money Brook rushes past icy rocks and trees.

I said a shehecheyanu when we first set out, because though I've been snowshoeing a few times this winter, this was my first time out on skis. (It may also be my last for the year; tomorrow may bring rain...) During most of the hour we were out, I found myself humming one of Reb Shefa's melodies for the line from Psalm 92 I cited above. It's a beautiful chant to ski to, and I couldn't help echoing the sentiment in my own heart. It's glorious out there.

At the end of the ski, I stopped to snap a photo of the road that leads to the trailhead:

It's a shot I've taken before, more or less. I'm always amazed by the beauty of where we live -- and how that beauty varies with the seasons.

How glorious is Your handiwork, indeed.

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