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Ekphrastic poetry reading

I blogged  a few months ago about an ekphrastic poetry project called The Moon is Broken, a collaboration between Inkberry and the Williams College Museum of Art. Ten poets were asked to curate "image-poems" out of the museum's collection of black-and-white photography; each of us then wrote a poem in response to, or in dialogue with, those images. The poems and the images hang together now in the round gallery. It's a terrific exhibit, and one I'm proud to be involved with.

This Sunday, nine of the ten poets involved will gather at the museum to read our work. The reading is at 2pm, in the gallery where the exhibition is hung. Each of us will read the poem s/he wrote for the exhibit, plus one or two short poems if there's time (we've been allotted five minutes apiece, tops.)

My contribution is a poem in five short sections (each relating loosely to one of the photos I chose) which arose in equal parts out of the photographs and out of my late-December hospital stay. If there's time, I may also read something from chaplainbook. (One of the poems from that collection can be read here, and another was published at qarrtsiluni here.)

If this sounds like fun to you, please join us! Driving directions can be found online here, and I would happily nip out for coffee or a drink or a nosh after the event if anyone's around.

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