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First round of JIB voting

The first round of voting in the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards has begun! This blog has been nominated for a "Best In Class" award, in the category "Best Jewish Religious Blog." The voting process is strangely complicated, but here are the instructions:

You may vote 1 time in each award type and sub-group during this round. Go to the voting page, select the award and the sub-group you wish to vote for. Voting will be open for 1 week, through Sunday April 29.

There are four groups of nominees for "Best Jewish Religious Blog" (groups A, B, C, and D). Velveteen Rabbi is in group B. So when you go to the voting page, and when you select "best in class" and then "Best Jewish Religious Blog," if you would like to vote for this blog, choose group B. (And if you would like to cast a vote for one of the other religious blogs nominated, obviously, be my guest!)

I've suggested that next year the committee should consider changing the rules so that no one can nominate her or his own blog. I think the whole process would be both more exciting and more constructive if we were obligated to recognize one another's wonderful qualities, instead of succumbing to the temptation to pat ourselves on the back. If you agree, let the committee know. :-)

Meanwhile, though, that's next year; this year, it's time to celebrate the broad and fascinating range of posts and blogs that have cumulatively been nominated, and to vote in the categories that matter to each of us. If you have time, I recommend reading the lists of best all-around nominees, best in class nominees, best post nominees, and specialty awards nominees to get a sense for just how broad and diverse the J-blogosphere can be. Mazal tov to all of the nominees!

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