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A barrier of a different color

You know how it is when you have a project deadline hanging over your head, sometimes it's all you can think about, even when you're trying to think about other things?

This afternoon we've been catching up on the Sunday Times and our blog reading while keeping an ear on the Indy 500 -- neither of us is really watching it, but it's on in the background. My ears keep perking up, because the sportscasters keep referring to something they're calling the "sefer barrier."

In my world, "sefer" means book, and "breaking the sefer barrier" is the name of a  class I've been taking in decoding rabbinic texts. The phrase is much on my mind at the moment -- tomorrow morning first thing I need to dive deep into my sefer barrier final project, due on Wednesday. What on earth does the Indy 500 have to do with breaking the sefer barrier?

Well, nothing. It turns out they're actually saying SAFER barrier -- a steel and foam energy reduction barrier, a way of making the race, well, safer than it used to be. A very different kind of barrier, in other words. But I'm kind of entertained to think that while my fellow rabbinic students and I struggle with this final project, a whole different community of people is encountering a sefer (safer) barrier of their own...

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