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Domestic agenda results are in

Remember that domestic Jewish agenda poll I linked to a while back, inviting readers to select the domestic agenda issues that matter most to us? My friend Mik over at JSpot announced yesterday that the results are in. More than 8600 people have voted so far, and the top four issues are health care (87%), the environment (84%), education (68%) and civil rights (57%).

I'm intrigued by his point that the percentages remained remarkably consistent throughout. In other words, health care was at the top of the list from the start, and stayed that way. (Ditto for the other top issues.)

Mik has interesting things to say about the connections between Judaism and the environment, and between Judaism and civil rights. Of course, he also notes that the priorities expressed in this (unscientific, but intriguing) poll are not the priorities promoted by most mainstream American Jewish organizations, and he has smart things to say about that, too.

I don't have dazzling new insights about this, but I think it's worth paying attention to. In light of that, let me also point you to the Washington Post's story Promoting a Domestic Jewish Agenda, by Michelle Boorstein, which went live yesterday. Boorstein writes:

The groups' premise is that the large, older, established Jewish advocacy groups -- that have more clout on Capitol Hill -- focus too much on foreign issues and don't speak accurately for the majority of American Jews, who care as much about health care and the environment as anti-Semitism in Europe or Israeli politics...

Thanks to the folks at JSpot for orchestrating this poll. I'm looking forward to seeing how presidential candidates respond to this assertion of American Jewish priorities.

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