Off to smicha students' week!
A whole week of Shabbat

Top 30 from the Times of London

Hello from the outskirts of Albuquerque! I am having an utterly remarkable, wonderful, densely overwhelming week here with the rest of my ALEPH chevre (friends/colleagues/community.) I want to chronicle at least parts of it here, but my online time is really quite limited, so look for my first real post about smicha students' week once I'm home again.

At this moment I just want to offer a welcome to anyone who found your way here from Faith Central, the Times of London blog where Libby Purves just listed the thirty most influential religion blogs (she kindly included Velveteen Rabbi on the list -- thanks, Libby!)

As you may have gathered, I'm travelling this week and am only online for a few scant minutes each day, so there's not a lot of activity here just at the moment. Normal blogging will resume next week when I'm home again; meanwhile, if you're new to VR, there's a list of my favorite posts from the last four years in the sidebar. Enjoy, and shabbat shalom!

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