August begins
Awakening the heart


Generally speaking, I'm not in a position to contribute to Global Voices Online. And I don't think Ethan's ever written anything for Radical Torah. But at long last, here's a project on which we can (and do) collaborate: The Grossly Biased Guide to the Berkshires!

The GBGB is a place to showcase and show off the things we love best about the place where we live. About four years ago, a handful of our friends kicked this project off with a series of potluck dinners, a mess of emails, and a lot of conversation -- but maybe because were envisioning a printed guidebook to our fine county, that ship didn't ultimately sail. But recently Ethan and I have found ourselves discovering new favorite places in Berkshire county (after fifteen years!) and wanting to share them, and, we are with a new blog on our hands.

It's a fun project. I find myself already making a mental list of places I want to return to so that I can write about them.

If you live locally, or if you're interested in writing about rural places, check it out. (If you live locally and want to join our intrepid band of bloggers, let us know.) And if you live someplace else and wish there were one of these where you are, hey, start one up and see if it flies.

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