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Domestic Jewish agenda: candidates respond

A while back, the good folks at Jewish FundS for Justice asked the Jewish netroots to weigh in on the domestic agenda issues that matter most to us. (I first posted about that here.) Once our answers had been tallied, JFSJ sent a questionnaire to the current Presidential candidates to see what those folks had to say about the issues that matter most to us, including health care, the environment, education, and civil rights.

As of today, Senator Biden, Senator Edwards, Senator Obama, and Governor Richardson have answered, and all of their responses are available for download here (in .pdf form.) Some of what each man said is interesting and compelling to me; all of their responses are worth reading.

It's easy to grouse that all we hear from our Presidential candidates are soundbytes. Reading their responses to our questions is a good way to begin getting a more nuanced picture of who these men are and what they have to say about the issues we care about. Thanks for making this happen, JFSJ, and three cheers for the J-blogosphere.

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