Shabbat shalom

Vacating the premises

This marks the second August in a row that Ethan and I are lucky enough to get to spend a week in Maine. We'll be spending the better part of a week based in Belfast, hanging out with my in-laws, rambling up and down the coast, patronizing purveyors of used books, reading and going for walks and things like that.

I'll have my laptop with me (I write poems on it, and it's a great thing to offload digital photos onto) but I'm really hoping to take the week away from blogging, reading blogs, checking and answering email, etc. (Otherwise it would be startlingly like my ordinary life, and I understand that's not really the point.)

So have a wonderful week, all; I look forward to seeing you on the flipside when I'm home again! (At which point I expect to be in fullblown pre-High-Holiday "oh, man, I have to assemble a liturgy for a kids' service right this instant" panic -- but I'll let that be a problem for when I return. I'm on vacation now, see. Yay.)

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