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An almanac I'm glad to read

If you're looking for thoughtful, articulate blogs to add to your aggregator, you're in luck -- I've just gotten permission to point y'all toward one of my favorite new entries on the blogging scene.

Close readers of Velveteen Rabbi may have noticed my running conversation with a commentor named Kate in my comments threads. Kate has just started a new blog at Wordpress, called Spring Farm Almanac. In her first post, she takes on Auden's challenge to describe one's ideal landscape:

A living one, a system of systems. People walk barefoot there, and plants grow — lady’s slipper, pipsissewa, chestnut trees a man can walk through upright when they fall and hollow. The Mohican language classifies words as animate or inanimate, having or not having a soul, as other languages call words male or female; in it, mountains are animate...

(Read the whole thing here: Lay of the land.)

Kate's writing isn't quite like that of anyone else I know, and that's a good thing -- it makes her work feel real, and sometimes startling. (She also co-edited the recent Making Sense issue at qarrtsiluni.) I've been reading Kate's words for a long time now -- since I was editor at The Women's Times back in '99, and she was part of my freelance stable -- so this new blog makes me a happy reader indeed.

Go and read, and join the conversation, and be glad.

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