Interfaith Thanksgiving in Austin
Totally optional poem: gratitude

Blessing for Thanksgiving

One of the blogs I've recently begun reading is the Reb Zalman Legacy Project Blog, where webmaster/gabbai Seth Fishman posts regular teachings from the (vast and multifaceted) teachings of Reb Zalman Shachter-Shalomi, who I am blessed to consider my teacher.

This year Reb Zalman released a special blessing for Thanksgiving, intended to be inserted into the birkat ha-mazon (Grace After Meals) in the same place where one would insert a special blessing on other festivals such as Chanukah or Purim. Although it's not Thanksgiving quite yet, I figured I'd post this now, to give anyone who's interested the chance to print this out before the holiday. Even if you don't say a formal birkat at the end of your Thanksgiving feast, this lovely short poem of remembrance and gratitude stands on its own.

The original post is here; if this speaks to you, feel free to leave a comment there and join the conversation.

Edited  to reflect a slightly updated version of the bracha. Yom Hodu sameach to all!

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