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Assisi and its blessings

Buongiorno from Perugia!

No sooner did say all those nice things about my blog than I vanished from the face of the internet! Well, okay, it's not that dire; I've managed a few posts this week. But I'm mostly offline at the moment. As Ethan posted, we're traveling in Italy for a few days. (He's speaking at a conference; I'm along for the ride.)

Although the ALEPH rabbinic program is effectively low-residency, which in theory means I can attend my classes anywhere with reliable Skype service, I don't often take advantage of the opportunity to travel. But I'm really glad to be here now. Perugia is a beautiful city, and we're staying in the heart of the old part of town, all twisting alleys and terracotta roofs.

I hunted online for a synagogue here; I thought attending Shabbat services in Italian would be a fascinating experience. (Plus I'd get a great blog post out of it!) This Synagogues Without Jews site tells me that there's a tiny one-room shul in a Perugia apartment, which is apparently open during the Days of Awe, but I wasn't able to locate weekly davenen anywhere. Alas. I'll just have to make wandering the streets my form of prayer this Shabbat.

And I look forward to returning to normal blogging rhythms when I'm home again. Until then, Shabbat shalom to all; see you on the flipside!

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