The historicity of revelation
The limitations of personal experience's top 25 blogs has just put out's First Annual Blog Index -- "from millions of blogs about nothing, we've selected the 25 best about something." These are big names, folks; Metafilter, Post Secret, Boing Boing and more.

Their top 25 list also includes -- to my great pleasure! -- this blog you're reading right now. (Their writeup quotes one of my recent poems, and has some very nice things to say. Color me delighted.)

Check out the list, which is quite terrific. And if you're so inclined, you can rate each blog on a 1-10 scale to let Time (and the blogosphere) know whether you like it or not. Thanks for the kind words, Time!

If you've found your way here via the Blog Index, welcome to Velveteen Rabbi. The "Greatest Hits" category in my sidebar shows off a few of my favorite posts. (Offhand I'd recommend Being visible, Thirteen ways of looking at Yom Kippur, and Velveteen Rabbi's Haggadah for Pesach.) Or if it's the poetry that piques your fancy, the poetry category is probably the way to go. Oh, hell, I like everything here; click on some links and enjoy yourself.

One way or another, feel free to drop a comment if you'd like to say hello; I hope you'll stick around.


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