This week's portion: either/or (Behukkotai)
Pastoral counseling assignment: response to a dirty bomb

Home, but not really online

I had an action-packed week in Texas; I'm home now, and looking forward to a quiet day of doing laundry and unwinding.

Unfortunately, I'm having some email issues today and am unable to log in to my gmail account. Since I don't have a secondary email account where they might send me a password re-set, I apparently need to wait 24h before trying to log in again, and then follow whatever next steps they offer me.

So if you've emailed me, I apologize for not responding; I can't get to my mail! Please bear with me; I hope that by tomorrow afternoon I'll be online in my usual ways again.

Edited to add: my account has been restored! "O frabjous day," etc! So I'm once again reachable at gmail. Thanks for your patience.