This week's Torah poem: Voice (Naso)
Sestinas for everyone!

Interview with Rodger Kamenetz, now online at Zeek

A while back I had the profound pleasure of interviewing Rodger Kamenetz for Zeek. We spoke about dreams, poetry, the Zohar -- really a few of my favorite things.

Now you can read our conversation online: Dreaming with Rodger Kamenetz. Here's a tiny taste:

ZEEK: I think there's a deep connection between poems and dreams. We relate to both of them in a way that's not purely intellectual.

KAMENETZ: We've lost an understanding of something people once knew: if we're talking about the human soul, what are we talking about if not imagination? So when we're talking about people who write or paint, creative thinkers who we call inspired, we're talking about the realm of the soul. And the unconscious, the psyche, dreams. Our religious discourse is so impoverished if people don't refer to the imagination, it's all intellect, it's all in a book...

Read the whole thing here, and feel free to leave a comment either there or here if you have responses or reactions! My deep thanks go to Rodger for taking the time for the conversation.

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